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Anesthesia Delivery

Mindray’s A-Series anesthesia delivery systems are designed to meet clinical needs while helping address administrative initiatives and priorities.  Universal ventilation for all patient types, benchmark ergonomics to enhance workflow and user experience, and cost containment tools are the foundation of Mindray’s anesthesia platform.


A3 Anesthesia System

The A3 Anesthesia System merges traditional simplicity with advanced technology. Experience the convergence of value and performance.
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A5 Anesthesia System

The A5 blends performance and simplicity to meet the challenges of your complex world. With advanced ventilation modes, integrated gas analysis, benchmark ergonomic design and interface, you will be impressed with all that the A5 can do.
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A7 Anesthesia Workstation

The A7 Anesthesia Workstation combines advanced ventilation with electronic fresh gas control technology and Optimizer™ functionality.  Electronic fresh gas control ensures precise, accurate and responsive flow dynamics while the Optimizer supports hospital clinical outcome and cost saving initiatives.
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Mindray offers a full range of reliable, maintenance-free variable bypass anesthetic vaporizers for use on the A-Series anesthesia systems to support clinical and pharmaceutical requirements.
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