Hepatus 6

Transient Elastography
Diagnostic Ultrasound System

A Clear Vision for Liver Care

Mindray’s latest technology in liver care is a complete solution for non-invasive liver disease management using transient elastography. The Hepatus 6 Transient Elastography Diagnostic Ultrasound System is ideally suited for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of liver
diseases, and provides clinicians with an easy-to-use and reliable solution for quantitative diagnosis of liver fibrosis and liver steatosis.

The Hepatus 6 System is the optimal solution to provide clinicians a clear view of patient liver health and help them create a clear path forward for their patient.

Detect, quantify, and evaluate liver fibrosis and steatosis

Clear and Intuitive User Experience

At Mindray, we are continually pushing towards our vision of better healthcare for all. With the Hepatus 6 System, this comes in the form of a meaningful user experience. Featuring a full touchscreen tablet, flexible storage design and two-hour battery life, the Hepatus 6 system enables intuitive and efficient workflow.

Simplified User Experience

  • Full touchscreen tablet for intuitive operation and easy disinfection
  • Barcode scanner to conveniently capture patient information
  • Transducer calibration not required for first two years

Intuitive Workflow

  • Users can easily switch between the ViTE transducer for all patient types and a curved ultrasound imaging transducer to see more detail in real-time
  • Adjustable panel for optimal workflow ergonomics

Exceptional Mobility

  • Retractable cord reduces tripping hazards and cable damage and allows for easy transport
  • Two-hour battery life provides untethered scanning
  • Offers a flexible storage design with cable management, transducer or gel holders, and a large storage basket
5-year warranty badge

Peace of Mind Protection

The Industry’s Best Investment Protection and Total Cost of Ownership

System Warranty

The Hepatus 6 System comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty* and includes coverage on system, parts and standard transducers.

Living Technology

Living Technology™ is a continually evolving software-based approach to providing our customers with easily upgradeable enhancements made possible by our core imaging technologies. These upgrades secure product investment protection by ensuring that Mindray Ultrasound Systems remain at the cutting-edge of imaging performance throughout their entire life cycle.

* Standard 5 year warranty is available for systems purchased directly from Mindray North America. Warranties for systems purchased from Mindray authorized agents can vary.

** Upgrades, such as new application packages and hardware, are optional purchases.