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At Mindray, we strive to empower healthcare professionals and pride ourselves on delivering reliable, innovative, and smart technology that enables you to put your patients first and work to the highest standard possible. Our team understands the shift in healthcare from volume to value and delivers solutions that matter in your evolving environment. While improving the quality of patient care, we help reduce cost by making advanced products more accessible to a broader global community, bringing healthcare within reach.



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Quick Facts about Mindray

  • In the US, Mindray’s reach across healthcare facilities ranges from Hospital OR’s, Critical Care, Radiology, and Emergency Departments to free standing Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Physician offices
  • We’ve partnered with all major buying groups and have products installed in more than two-thirds of all US hospitals
  • Mindray has two engineering centers in North America – our Innovation Center, in Silicon Valley, California, and our Corporate Headquarters, in Mahwah, New Jersey

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Patient Monitoring Solutions

As the healthcare industry is faced with data overload, clinicians find it harder to identify meaningful data and have less time to connect with patients. As a result, many healthcare facilities are looking for smart, intuitive patient monitoring systems to help streamline patient care and prioritize clinicians’ time to deliver high-quality, patient-centric care. Mindray offers a portfolio of innovative and adaptive patient monitoring solutions to provide clinicians with the right tools to ensure they can quickly access comprehensive, meaningful data at the bedside and beyond.

See the complete picture with Mindray Patient Monitoring

Anesthesia Solutions

At Mindray, we believe in a better future for our clinicians and patients. Our anesthesia systems offer a consistent, simple approach to connectivity and integration. With the ability to share data with Mindray patient monitors through the BeneLink module, the A-Series supports all acuity environments and hospital connectivity levels.

Trust Mindray Anesthesia to build a machine personalized or your clinical needs

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Ultrasound Solutions

As the healthcare industry faces pressure to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, clinicians are turning to ultrasound for a more cost-effective, real-time, and patient-friendly imaging alternative. Mindray offers innovative, leading-edge, accessible ultrasound machines that empower you to provide the highest quality of care now and in the future. Experience peace of mind and see something better with Mindray ultrasound.

Experience peace of mind and see something better with Mindray Ultrasound

Connect with Mindray

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Local Midwest Manager:

Ross A. Ruder
Midwest Manager, IDN & Strategic Accounts
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Why Mindray

Mindray is dedicated to providing world-class solutions that meet the clinical and financial needs of a diverse range of healthcare institutions. Through it all, we are steadfast in our vision to provide better healthcare for all and a clearer vision for your future.

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