BeneVision Multi-Patient Viewer

Patient Surveillance

Through the BeneVision Multi-Patient Viewer, clinicians can remotely access data of more than one patient at a time, on a hospital provided PC or workstation. Licensable to 16 patients, this powerful resource supports accelerated assessment and decision making within a clinician’s standard workflow on existing assets. Flexible enough for working down the hall or for third-party coverage and review, BeneVison Multi-Patient CMS Viewer provides near real-time patient data plus visual indication of alarm conditions for any patient currently on the BeneVision DMS network. BeneVision Multi-Patient Viewer also offers advanced toolsets for improved, streamlined clinical decision-making, including ST Graphic, 24-hour ECG summary, vital signs summary, and Hemosight.

BeneVision Multi-Patient Viewer is a scalable viewing tool allowing clinicians to observe and manage a patient’s condition when and where their workflow dictates. With expanded and remote access to patient data, clinicians experience increased efficiencies from data that moves with them as they care for their patients.

Key Features

  • Licensable to up to 16 patients, the Multi-Patient Viewer software platform provides near real-time viewing of vital sign parameters and waveforms of mutliple patients simultaneously, active or discharged, from the BeneVision DMS
  • Review complete historical physiological data for a current or previously discharged patient
  • Patient summary views provide an aggregated view of patient vital signs or ECG and corresponding alarm data
  • Provides visual indication of alarm conditions
  • View patient data from any location inside or outside the facility, provided you are on the hospital network either directly or via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection
  • In addition to local printing of reports, BeneVision Multi-Patient Viewer allows PDF printing for attachment to the patient’s electronic health record through the BeneVision DMS platform
  • Configurable local display settings based on user preferences and clinical focus
  • Shares the same user interface as a BeneVision DMS WorkStation so clinicians are up and running quickly

Exceptional Service & Support

Purchase from Mindray includes comprehensive clinical training by Mindray’s specialists. Additionally, technical remote support is available 24/7, at no charge.

Our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support organization represent one of the largest direct service teams in the industry. Individually and collectively they are committed to enhancing patient care while protecting your investment.

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