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Ambulatory care taken to the next level

The BeneVision TD60 Display Telemetry Transmitter offers advanced technology and unexpected features – all in a sleek package. For clinicians, the crystal clear 3.5″ color display allows a quick view of ECG and SpO2 waveforms and numerics at the patient’s side. With the touchscreen display, intuitive gestures provide quick access to needed information. A flick accesses up to seven ECG waveforms. A drag from the top moves from portrait to landscape mode to review extended waveforms. Quick Keys for common functions are accessed with a quick swipe from the bottom. And a tap pulls up even more functionality.

The sleek design hides additional features. Rugged and reliable, the TD60 exceeds the 1.5 meter drop test and is IPX7 waterproof rated. To respond to today’s initiatives, a variety of battery options, including rechargeables, provide the power you need. And for your ambulatory patient? The TD60 is lightweight and comfortable.


Key Features

  • 3.5″ color TFT LCD touchscreen display
  • Gestures for fast intuitive operation
  • Lightweight, just 7.4 ounces (210 g)
  • Compact 4.9″ (H) x 2.5″ (W) x 0.9″ (D)
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • 1.5 m drop test onto ceramic tile floor
  • Clear, easy to read HR and SpO2 numerics
  • ECG and SpO2 waveforms at patient’s side
  • Arrhythmia, ST and real-time QT analysis at BeneVision Central Station
  • Supports 3/5 lead ECG leadsets, both reusable and single patient use (for infection control)
  • Masimo® SpO2 or Nonin® SpO2 (optional)
  • Proven WMTS 608 MHz band
  • Integrated battery pack design increases product reliability
  • Flexible power choices, 2 AA, 3 AA or rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs
  • Run time performance as great as 120 hours

Exceptional Service & Support

Purchase from Mindray includes comprehensive clinical training by Mindray’s specialists. Additionally, technical remote support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no charge.

Our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support organization represent one of the largest direct service teams in the industry. Individually and collectively they are committed to enhancing patient care while protecting your investment.