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Technical Documents

To ensure proper operation and care of Mindray products, operator manuals and service manuals are available online for download at no additional cost to the customer. Please note the document revision date/number and match it with the software revision of your equipment.

Cleaning and  Disinfection Protocols

Mindray products are designed for reliability and durability. For proper operating procedures, including inspection, cleaning, and disinfection or sterilization of your equipment, please refer to the individual system operator’s manual.

Patient Monitoring and Anesthesia

pdf_downloadCleaning & Disinfecting Mindray Monitoring Products

Product End of Life Notices

Mindray is committed to supporting products for as long as feasible, maximizing the benefit to our customers for their capital investments.  Mindray will provide you with advance notice when your product is reaching its end of service life and we can no longer provide service parts for your equipment. To minimize disruption, we offer numerous programs to assist you in replacing your equipment with the latest technology.
pdf_downloadAccutorr Plus – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadAccutorr Plus Recorder Module – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadAnestar – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadAS3000 – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadDPM1, DPM2, MEC1000, PM50, PM60, PM7000, PM8000, PM9000 – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadGas Mod II and Gas Mod SE – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadGas Mod III – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadNetguard – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadPanorama PT Central Station – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadPassport 2 and Spectrum – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadPassport 3L, EL, 5L, XG models, Expert patient monitors and Visa II CS – End of Life Letter
pdf_downloadPatientNet – End of Life Letter miniCart and SuperCart Ultrasound Systems – End of Life Letter