Office Solutions

Mindray offers a comprehensive portfolio of ultrasound solutions to address the diverse needs of your private practice or clinic. From entry level black-and-white systems to sophisticated cart-based and touch enabled systems, Mindray ultrasound systems deliver premium performance and capabilities you can rely on when caring for your patients.

Please contact us for availability of other models not listed here.

Cart-Based Systems

Mindray offers several ultrasound solutions to meet the imaging needs of the private office. From the DC-40 to the DC-88, the DC Series cart-based systems deliver high resolution imaging across all general imaging, women’s imaging, and shared service applications.

All systems include:

  • Touchscreen capability to increase operational efficiency
  • Battery for standby mode to enable easy repositioning of the system without shutting down (DC-40 only)
  • Significant patient data storage (up to 1TB)
  • Comprehensive clinical packages
  • Advanced features such as CEUS, elastography, iClear/ iBeam, iLive, Smart OB, IVF package, iScape, and Auto IMT
  • Excellent ergonomic design, including dedicated endocavity transducer holder, dual arm monitor adjustment and rotatable/height adjustable control panel.

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Portable Systems

When portability is key to your ultrasound needs, Mindray has choices designed to enable seamless scanning. From durable laptop designs to intuitive, touch-enabled ultrasound systems, Mindray offers solutions to fit into your workflow and meet your budgetary requirements. These systems offer comprehensive and powerful functionality in a small footprint – from POC to shared service and cardiology.

All systems include:

  • Battery operated to support scanning – anywhere, anytime
  • Patient data storage from SSD to HDD
  • Rich features enabling a wide range of applications, including CEUS, iClear, iBeam, iLive, iNeedle™, Smart OB, iScape, Auto IMT and Auto EF
  • Needle visualization technologies including eSpatial Navi™*, a 4D needle navigation technology delivering enhanced needle visualization during in-plane and out-of-plane procedures
  • Hands-free scanning with iVocal Voice Control*

* Available on the TE Series systems only

Recommended Products