Z.One PRO Specialties


Emergency Medicine

The Z.One PRO system offers two choices of user interfaces – from straight forward quick and easy to more advanced options for the highly experienced user. The multiport transducer capability enables the clinician to switch effortlessly between transducers with the simple push of a button. A unique platform architecture allows easy mobility between patients, obviating the need to power up and down.



The Z.One PRO system delivers high-quality performance for the most challenging vascular patients at an outstanding price to value ratio. From excellent grey scale to superb color Doppler, the Z.One PRO brings peace of mind imaging for the smallest or deepest vessels, even in the most challenging patients. The versatility, size and ease-of-use of the Z.One PRO make this an ideal system for a wide variety of imaging needs across all vascular applications.



Throughout a wide range of radiology and internal medicine applications, the Z.One PRO system provides significant imaging capabilities at a very reasonable price. The system is extremely versatile and offers a high level of performance. It has excellent image quality while providing outstanding ease-of-use for optimizing workflow and efficiencies.