Every Operating Room is different.
Choose an anesthesia machine that is tailored to your unique clinical needs.

operating room anesthesia machine

Trust Mindray Anesthesia Solutions to build a machine personalized for your clinical needs in the OR.
Our team is disrupting the industry, radically addressing today’s needs with the technology of tomorrow.

Maximize Patient Safety

Complement Clinical Workflow

Enhance Efficiency

Anesthesia Gas Machines

A4 Advantage

The configurable A4 complements anesthesia practices in mid-acuity hospitals and ASC’s in a comprehensive and cost-effective system

A5 Advantage

The scalable A5 is an ideal choice for hospital standardization and cost-effective anesthesia management

A7 Advantage

The A7 complements clinical workflow in an intuitive, high-performance anesthesia workstation suited for high-acuity OR’s

A8 Workstation

The A8 workstation has been designed around clinicians, with deep insights into clinical workflow aiding in reduced workload and maximized safety

A9 Workstation

The A9 workstation ensures the safety of patients through precise and reliable electronic vaporizers and advanced protective ventilation toolkits

Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty Coverage

Protecting your investment is important. As your trusted partner, we will assure your systems’ reliability throughout the life cycle, providing you with peace of mind. We offer an industry leading 3-year warranty on all our anesthesia systems.

Anesthesia Machines for Healthcare Professionals

Mindray A-Series Mindray A-Series Advantage
Mindray A9 Anesthesia System Mindray A8 Anesthesia System Mindray A7 Anesthesia System Mindray A5 Anesthesia System Mindray A4 Anesthesia System

Maximize Patient Safety

Built-In HFNC helps clinicians intubate - - -
Electronic Vaporizers notify user when agent gets low - - - -
TV/IBW Indicator offers appropriate tidal volume settings - - -
Blended O2 and Air
Ability to deliver very low tidal volumes (5 mL) - - -
Ability to deliver very high peak flow (180 L/min)
ACGO - -
Lung Recruitment Tools, APRV Ventilation, and Cardiac Bypass Mode -

Complement Clincial Workflow

Customizable Profiles - - -
Electronic Flow Control - -
Warmed Breathing System
Comprehensive Automated Checkout
Status Dashboard displays real-time status - - -

Enhanced Efficiency

Optimizer Low Flow Decision Support Tool
Customizable Real-time Agent and Gas Usage
Flow Pause - -
Fresh Gas Return - -
e-AGSS automatically switches off in standby - - -
Multiple Mounting Solutions