Patient Monitors

With a portfolio of innovative and adaptive patient monitoring solutions, Mindray will arm you with the powerful monitoring tools necessary to deliver high quality, patient-centric care. Our BeneVision N-Series, Passport and Accutorr monitors, in combination with the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS), will ensure your caregivers have access to comprehensive, meaningful patient data, at the bedside and beyond.

High Acuity

Our BeneVision N-Series and Passport patient monitors equip you with sophisticated tools to assess, diagnose and treat your most critically ill patients across the hospital enterprise.

Patient Monitor for High Acuity

BeneVision N19/N22 Patient Monitors

A new spin on high acuity patient monitoring

With an expansive selection of system-wide parameter modules plus advanced analysis capabilities, the BeneVision N19 and N22 patient monitors place critical data and assessment tools at your fingertips.
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Benevision Patient Monitor

BeneVision N12/N15/N17 Patient Monitors

Flexible. Consistent. Comprehensive

The BeneVision N12, N15, and N17 patient monitors empower healthcare providers by providing a premier solution for diverse care settings.
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Patient Monitor BeneVision N1

BeneVision N1 Monitor/Module

One monitor, multiple solutions

Serving as both monitor and module, and with wireless capability, BeneVision N1 provides gap-free monitoring from the point of admission to discharge.
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BeneVision N-Series Parameter Modules

BeneVision N-Series Parameter Modules

Measurement configurability and flexibility

The BeneVision N-Series platform offers an extensive selection of measurement modules to meet the varied demands of high acuity environments.
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Mid/Low Acuity – Patient Monitors

Mindray offers patient monitoring solutions for virtually all clinical environments. Mindray’s ePM 10M and 12M, with a plug-and-play module structure, flexibility, offer a robust parameter platform to meet the needs across mid-acuity care areas. Accutorr 7, used as a continuous monitor, is well-suited for general floors and step-down areas.

ePM 10M/12M Patient Monitors

The evolution of Passport® Monitoring has arrived – Mindray’s ePM 10M and 12M monitors are the inspired results of cutting-edge innovation and exceptional efficiency, continuing the Passport legacy in monitoring.
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Accutorr 7 Vital Signs Monitor with CO2

Accutorr 7 is a vital solution for care delivery in low acuity environments. With optional CO2 measurement and central monitoring connectivity, Accutorr 7 can aid in the identification of patient deterioration due to respiratory distress.
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Transport Monitors

Our transport solutions provide continuity of monitoring – and continuity of information for your patients as they transition within your enterprise, from ED to CCU, OR to PACU, ICU to special procedures.  With integrated wireless and long battery life, your patient is connected.

BeneVision N1 - Transport Monitor

BeneVision N1 Monitor/Module

Once removed from the N-Series module bay, N1 automatically converts to a wireless transport monitor, immediately connecting to your wireless network, and maintaining continuity of patient data with the central monitoring station/EMR.
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Telemetry – Patient Monitors

BeneVision Telemetry, together with the BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS), enable monitoring of ambulatory patients across your healthcare enterprise. Using advanced technology, BeneVision TM80 and TM70 display telemetry transmitters aid in early detection of an ambulatory patient’s changing condition. With on-board touch displays, BeneVision TM80 and TM70 enable clinicians immediate access to critical information right at the patient. Comprehensive data sent continuously through to BeneVision DMS and the EMR provide a seamless patient record accessible where and when it’s needed.

BeneVision DMS

The BeneVision DMS is a full featured, real-time central monitoring system that offers clinicians a comprehensive and intuitive view of each patient’s vital signs. Fully configurable, BeneVision can be customized to display real-time monitoring data personalized to each patient’s circumstance.
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BeneVision TM80 Telemetry Transmitter

BeneVision TM80 enables surveillance of ambulatory patients, where and when it’s needed. Using standard Wi-Fi technology, TM80 permits expanded monitoring coverage across large care areas resulting in more monitored beds without added infrastructure cost.
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BeneVision TM70 Telemetry Transmitter

BeneVision TM70 offers advanced technology for early detection of an ambulatory patient’s changing condition. Operating on the protected WMTS band, TM70 is a wearable patient monitor with local alarms designed to improve outcomes and facilitate patient transport.
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BP10 NIBP Module

This fast and convenient NIBP module has the flexibility to be used as a standalone spot-check blood pressure solution or as a paired solution to the BeneVision Telemetry offerings.
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Vital Signs – Patient Monitors

When evaluating overall patient health, vital signs monitors are an efficient method for collecting accurate readings. Our Accutorr Vital Signs Monitors have been consistently relied on by hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices for over 30 years. The Accutorr 7 and Accutorr 3 models, first released in 2014, continue the tradition of timely and accurate vital sign data collection for comprehensive care.

A person’s vital signs indicate how his or her body is operating at a given time. Vital signs monitors offer a flexible solution for accurate vital analyses. Compact, lightweight, and portable monitors are easy to use providing an authentic measurement of a patient’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, and heart rate. Current health practices rely on data from vital signs monitors to ensure optimal spot checks for low acuity areas of your hospital.


Accutorr 7

Accutorr 7 Vital Signs Monitor

From spot check to continuous bedside monitoring, the Accutorr 7 is a flexible solution in the lower acuity environment. Data can be posted directly to the EMR.
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Accutorr 3 - Spot Check Monitor

Accutorr 3 Spot Check Monitor

Compact, lightweight, portable. The Accutorr 3 is a spot check monitor that is easy to transport, easy to use.
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Centralized Monitoring

The BeneVision Distributed Monitoring System (DMS) is an innovative and scalable solution that redefines the meaning of flexibility in patient monitoring. BeneVision DMS is built on a simple philosophy – to provide clinically-focused solutions that support high-quality, patient-centric care. It extends far beyond the traditional centralized monitoring model; choosing any combination of point of care and remote BeneVision DMS WorkStations, in combination with BeneVision CMS Viewer and the BeneVision CMS Mobile app, hospitals can now determine how and where they view and manage patient data for optimized clinical workflow. Through scalability, seamless data and accessibility, BeneVision DMS helps clinicians overcome daily challenges and achieve the critical goal of delivering quality care everywhere.

BeneVision CMS Viewer

With the BeneVision CMS Viewer, clinicians can remotely access patient data from a PC or tablet, supporting assessment and decision-making from any location.
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BeneVision DMS

Powerful and scalable, the BeneVision DMS can collect and distribute patient information across the care continuum.
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Vital Signs Monitor Supplies

Supplies and Accessories

From blood pressure cuffs to rolling stands, Mindray provides the supplies and accessories to keep you productive.
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Patient Monitors for Healthcare Professionals.